Our universe


 Our universe

With its pioneering watches Phenomen is exploring new frontiers and breaking the conventional mold with audacious French creativity.  


By reinventing traditional watchmaking and daring to revolutionize established designs, Phenomen blends its deep-rooted automotive culture with an innate watchmaking legacy to create incomparable watches that truly stand out from the crowd. 


 Our universe

The Phenomen design is a reflection of our attitude and character, an avant-garde stylistic approach mixed with an ambitious technical methodology; because elegance and talent mean nothing without rigor and precision.


For our watches to be unequalled by any other they need to operate and last as faultlessly as they look.


Each Phenomen watch is 100% designed, fashioned and meticulously assembled in-house with technical expertise and attention.

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 Our universe

Our ambition was to create a watch that can be worn all year round, merging style and technology into a marvel inspired by automotive design.


The casing and the stunning mechanical components such as the balance and escapement wheels are evidence of our architectural passion and imaginative zeal.


Phenomen timepieces are works of art that move the soul and generate emotions in those that wear them.