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With this edition, night comes in different shades. As soon as midnight strikes, the PH-01 unveils a prodigious mechanism. In an instant, its hands escape the course of time in a synchronized double jump.


The PH-01 Midnight puts on its intense black coat to subtly melt into the depths of the night... or perhaps not. While its silhouette elegantly disappears, its dial starts to release past glows.


Markings' afterglow color
  • Just like any of our pieces, PH-01 RAW benefits from a 3-year warranty from its purchase. Having it revised during the 3rd year will extend this period to 5 years.

  • You can choose the colour of the afterglow pigments that are on the markings of your piece.


    If you'd like a customized style, please contact us through our 'piece unique' service.

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