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Seeded NBA player


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With French basketball star Rudy Gobert, PHENOMEN is writing a new page in its history by unveiling its first hyper-exclusive model.


A few phone calls and a flight to Salt Lake City, then a meeting, in the Utah Jazz Vivint Arena where Rudy reigns supreme today.


All happened naturally, although Rudy is imposing with his 7 ft 1 in. After a real handshake, I told him everything about our story and our values in which he totally found himself. It matched up right away, as if we had known each other for years. The tailor-made was essential... a detail that is not one with hindsight ".


Together Rudy and Alexandre will imagine a somewhat particular PH601, with adapted color codes and the number 27 inscribed on the dial, like the one the Jazz star wears on his jersey.

" It is a unique watch. Our organization, with our own assembly and finishing workshop and local partners around Besançon where we are located, allows us to produce exclusive models. It was obvious that something unique had to be done for Rudy, but we will do it again, probably differently. One customer, one watch, the idea is exciting. "


For all those who love the watch and cannot resist its appeal, a quite similar edition of 27 pieces is available! 


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