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Last revised on: 19-07-2021


This E-SHOP allows you to order the following goods: Phenomen's mechanical watches.

Our General Terms of Sale are available at anytime during the ordering process (by clickable link). You must agree with these terms in order to purchase from this E-SHOP.

What you will find on this page are keypoints of our GTS.


Our pieces are payable in advance in euros. Regarding our E-SHOP payment methods, we use Paypal and Stripe. Please contact us if you're having trouble checking out or if you want to inquire about other possible payment methods (documentary credit, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE - The products ordered remain PHENOMEN's property until the full order amount has been paid. (shipping costs included).


Delivery issue (damage, loss)

Please motivate your claim and send it to us by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours following the receipt of your order.

Please submit any reservations to the carrier (clear, accurate and detailed reservations) and mention any anomalies detected during the delivery on the delivery slip.


Please send to us your claim by e-mail ( and include the date and reference of the order. We will agree on the state of the piece, the return process (in its original packaging) and  exchange it at no extra cost if non-conformity is proven.


Our prices are displayed in  Euros, net of duties and taxes.


This means that, once calculated, the VAT rate and/or applicable customs charges on the date of the order will add up to the price.

PLEASE NOTE - If applicable, you shall borne exchange fees ;


If you fail to pay for the goods delivered on the day of receipt, you will need to pay a 15%-interest-rate late payment penalty calculated on the total amount due, all taxes included, starting from the due date for the payment without any prior notice being required.

Any sum, including the deposit, left unpaid on the due date will automatically give rise to a lump-sum indemnity of €40 for recovery costs.

If you fail to discharge these sums within the 15 following days, the sale will be cancelled automatically and may lead to a compensation.


The commercial warranty applies to all PHENOMEN pieces, except for the strap.

The warranty period is of 3 years from the purchase of the piece. It can be extended for 2 additional years if a revision occurs in the 3rd year.

Servicing provided by authorized repairers are guaranteed for a period of 6 months. The warranty period will cease the moment the piece comes under the intervention of a non PHENOMEN-approved repair technician.

Any defects or failures resulting from the abnormal use a/o from an external cause to the product (i.e. accidents, shocks, water immersion) aren't covered by the warranty.


You will receive a confirmation e-mail after placing an order. It will include a summary of the order, specifying the name(s), price(s), delivery mode and expected delivery date of your piece(s).


If you'd like to change any of the information you provided during the order, please contact us without any delay.


You will be able to choose your most preferred delivery mode when placing your order.

We advise you to specify clearly your address in order to avoid any delivery issue that would lead to additional delivery costs.

We will not be held responsible in case you fail to inform us of any input error (i.e. your delivery address).

The expected delivery date will be specified in the order confirmation e-mail. In case there would be a change regarding the delivery date, you will be informed without any delay.

Please check the state of the packaging as well as that of the piece(s) when you receive your order. 


PHENOMEN remains the sole owner of all the intellectual property rights on the marketed models of watches. Do not try to reproduce or infringe any of our designs.



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